Your JS community in Barcelona

Join the largest javascript community in barcelona, we run meetup events every month. Free conference tickets available to the community.

Community values

A better way to share

Join the community and enjoy sharing your learning journey, network with like mined people and free beer onces covid will allow.

For Everyone
We think coding is awesome and everyone should feel welcome at our event. This includes that we are expecting all participants to be awesome to each other and respect the Code of Conduct
Open source
Open source is the heart of BarcelonaJS. All our events, our website and our software are open source and can be modified by everyone.
Non Profit
All our events are not-for-profit and run by volunteers.


Help maintain the community

Too keep this community we need attendatns, speakers and sponsors.

Join the community
Follow us to keep with upcoming events.
Sponsor events
As a company you may want help run events, as we always are in need of speakers, venue and maybe some networking drinks and food, up to you. If you feel so, please fill this form.
Share with all
We all go thought difficult or fun challenges while working, BcnJS events are the place to share those, or any interesting topic. If it's your first talk we can help you. If want to present a talk, please fill this form.